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Green coffee bean retains its full flavor for about two years.

    Green coffee bean retains its full flavor for about two years.
    However, once it has been roasted, it loses flavor in just three days.
    The only way you can enjoy the full flavor of coffee is to roast coffee at home with HCC.
    Imagine how fresh the coffee would be when roasted at home!

    • Same flavor as the conventional coffee by less quantity for dark roast
    • Roast raw beans completely with hot air
    • Roast capacity 150g (5 1/3oz.)
    • Collect chaff of the beans separately to keep original taste of coffee


    • Stainless chamber and tempered glass lid
    • Save energy by circulating waste heat
    • Patented U.S.A., Germany and Korea,
    • Patents pending Canada, Japan, Europe
    • 100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V AC 50~60Hz, 1300W

    CR-100 Is a Home Coffee Roaster.

    In 20th century people would buy the coffee roasted in factory from departments, supermarkets and coffee shops, brew and drink it. Coffee manias think that coffee becomes to lose the original flavor and they are getting tired of the unchanged flavor. Fresh coffee culture is coming in New Millenium.

    IMEX Corporation, based on production know-how to manufacture the popcorn popper and the convection oven using hot air, has achieved the patent rights for two types of coffee roasters from U.S.A. Recently IMEX has developed the energy-saving and gourmet models by using the circulating heat, and has shown and has been selling it in the world market.

    CR-100 makes it possible to roast 150g (5 1/3oz.) green coffee beans to various kinds of color by just controlling the timer knob. The roasting chamber is made of stainless steel and it is convenient to wash and handle. The heat-resistant glass lid can be dish washable and it is easy to check roasting condition.

    The heater applied by thermostat and timer produced delicately in Europe and made by the experienced technology producing four million popcorn poppers generates safe and accurate heat, and roasts green beans at most suitable condition. It is IMEX's know-how that the coffee roaster gets to be smokeless during operating and keeps flavor and aroma of coffee at best.

    CR-100 Is Safe.

    CR-100 has achieved UL of  U.S.A , VDE of Germany and passed EMC test. It clearly shows that CR-100 has little electromagnetic wave. 18-year design, production, quality control of IMEX acquiring the safety certificates from various countries can pass any standard tests and it is absolutely safe.

    Consumers can watch the heater operating by checking a S/W lamp and prevent trouble by stopping a rocker S/W on emergency. Furthermore, the inside temperature fuse prevents the accident.

    The power consumption becomes to decrease and CR-100 gets to be safe due to the lower current than other products. Consumers are never confused because of using it by just setting a timer. CR-100 components applied have achieved VDE and UL certificates. Controlling the product quality strictly, IMEX shows CR-100 in the world market with confidence.

    CR-100 Generates the Supreme Flavor and Aroma.

    The enclosed measuring cup is 150cc and puts 150g (5 1/3oz.) green beans.
    CR-100 roasts the beans without losing aroma and taste, and expands evenly the beans by circulating heat. Also CR-100 makes easy to grind and extract the coffee beans. The color of dark roast made by CR-100 is nothing like it.

    CR-100 Saves Energy.

    CR-100 re-circulates waste heat, saves 200~300W electricity compared with similar kinds of roasters, and thus saves electric cost, nevertheless the capacity is 50% more.

    CR-100 Is Well Made.

    CR-100 has applied the approved high-quality electric parts and the heat-resistant resin produced by Baketlite in Germany is safe and elegant. The glass lid is strongly impact-resistant by using heat-resistant and hardening glass, and it does not break easily. The stainless steel plate is elegant and easily handled. The appearance and storage are convenient by winding the cord at bottom reel.

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